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About the company

All Silver Wholesale has been present on the Polish market for silver jewelry for many years. In 2014, the company celebrated its 10th birthday. We mainly import high-quality silver jewelry and semi-finished products, as well as make products of sterling silver. We offer a variety of collections, including a total of hundreds of designs to choose from. This allows us to satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning Customers. At All Silver, you will quickly make purchases at a competitive price. See our offer.

All Silver - trends

We know that the jewelry market is changing very rapidly. Its growth rate is mainly based on changes in fashion. Jewelry has always been and always will be an interesting and original addition to one's dress, emphasizing the individuality of the person who wears it. Therefore, we always follow the changing trends carefully, taking part in Polish and international jewelry trade fairs. This allows us to keep updating our offer by expanding our collections with new models.

All Silver - the Team

All Silver is based in Częstochowa. In 2013, it opened a branch based in Gdańsk. The owner of All Silver is Michał Śliwiak, who manages the wholesale store in Częstochowa together with his wife, Justyna Ogińska-Śliwiak. There are two persons more involved in sales: Urszula Janiak in Czestochowa and Anna Góralska in Gdansk. Anna Góralska is also responsible for Internet sales. Justyna Ogińska-Śliwiak oversees complaints and is responsible for contact with the company's Customers. New models are created in the design department thanks to the imagination and talent of Justyna Oginska-Śliwiak and Urszula Janiak.

All Silver - Three Links

The strength of All Silver is based on the family collaboration. This is also symbolized by our logo - the three links in a chain. We cooperate closely with the company Silverin, which mainly deals with the import of semi-finished silver, as well as with Slimex AG offering silver chains. Thanks to this, our Customers receive a comprehensive offer, - from semi-finished products, through finished products, to the manufactured, individually ordered/designed jewelry in one place